The Univ. of Rochester hates kids with cancer…

…or at least that’s what they’re making it look like. Before I go into my rant, I’m going to give a little background:

For the past seven seasons, the University of Rochester Yellowjackets and St. John Fisher College Cardinals, both from Rochester, N.Y., have played in an annual regular season football game called the Courage Bowl. All the profits from the game go to Camp Good Days and Special Times, a camp to support children diagnosed with cancer. As part of that, the kids got to meet all the players, get autographed jerseys and be on the sidelines during the game. The game this season raised $30,000.

According to an article by Jim Mandelaro of the Democrat and Chronicle, the University of Rochester is only going to play this game for one more year.

Personally, I don’t know if UR is contemplating dropping this game because they get trounced every year or because they are switching conferences (and therefore will have less non-conference games).

According to UR athletic director George VanderZwaag in Mandelaro’s article, it’s about switching to the Liberty League.

“We feel it is important to make some changes in our schedule and focus our energies on competing effectively within our own conference.”

To be perfectly honest, I don’t care what the reason is. They need to play this game A) because it helps the kids and B) its a great Rochester-area rivalry.

In an earlier article by Mandelaro,  Camp Good Days founder Gary Mervis, a volunteer assistant coach for Fisher said he was “offended” by UR’s departure and that another opponent would be found.

Hopefully the next opponent realizes that this game is about much more than football.

Full disclosure: I’m an alumnus of Fisher and covered this game for my college newspaper when I was there. However, if Fisher tried pulling this, I would be ashamed and rip them even worse.

Update (11/2/11 – 11 AM MT): In response to tweets that I sent out this morning about UR, Camp Good Days replied (in 3 tweets):

The UofR has done great things for Courage Bowl in every year of its existence. Numerous kids have been touched by the players, coaches, fans and administration of the UofR. Not only that, but the University has given so much to cancer research since their creation. It is a leading University that truly contributes to society.

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