Joe Paterno’s legacy is forever tainted

Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno was fired immediately by Penn State - and deservedly so.

Joe Paterno was head coach of Penn State for 46 years, had 409 victories – the most by a D-I head coach, two national championships, six to eight children allegedly molested by former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky since 2002.  That’s the year that Joe Paterno knew about the alleged crime by Sandusky and only reported it to the athletic director.

That last stat really makes it so the first few, and all the other great JoePa accomplishments, not seem to matter anymore.

For his apathy, Paterno was unanimously fired by Penn State’s Board of Trustees – and rightfully so. We’ve yet to hear his side of the story but we know that he was aware of an unfathomable criminal offense and never made sure it got to the proper authorities.

Paterno is a legendary coach and a great philanthropist. It’s a shame that he couldn’t go out on his own terms. However, as he wanted to, there was no way he should’ve been allowed to coach until the end of the season, or even one more game as the Penn State students chanted for.

Let the Penn State students riot all they want, Paterno’s reign is over. There’s no doubt, the next Penn State head coach will have a hard time bringing the tainted program back to its former glory.

Do you think Paterno should’ve been allowed to coach one more game or until the end of the season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I agree with you – check out my take (former Nittany Lion)

  2. Good point my man. Great minds think alike. Thanks for checking out my post!

  3. I am not sure we can judge anyone without knowing all of the circumstances.

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