Tim Tebow is not a long-term solution for the Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow is not the long-term solution.

Yes – Tim Tebow is 3-1 as a starter this year.

Yes – the Denver Broncos are just one game out of first in the anemic AFC West and Tebow played well against the division-leading Oakland Raiders.

Yes – Tebow made a beautiful pass to Eric Decker for a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Guess what? That TD pass was only one of two passes that he completed on eight attempts in that game.

The Broncos rushed the ball 55 times  in order to beat the Chiefs – a very inconsistent team. The Broncos have done a great job adapting to Tebow’s strengths, including integrating the triple option. However, there’s a reason the triple option isn’t used by anyone else – it doesn’t work because NFL defenses have too much lateral speed. It’s kind of like the Wildcat formation – a “cute” gimmick that may be a popular fad for a bit but will eventually go away. Hell, Michael Vick has more speed than Tebow and HE doesn’t even do that.

When the Broncos face the Jets next week, it’s going to be ugly. I can already see Rex Ryan and the rest of the Jets defense licking their chops to put nine guys in the box and making Tebow throw all game long, especially to the solid secondary. A few weeks later against the Chicago Bears will be the same thing.

There’s no doubt that Tebow is a winner, he simply doesn’t have the skills to sustain long-term success. All this ” he needs time to develop” stuff is crap. Guys like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton have come into the NFL and shown that they could do well right away. They both have the possibility of being franchise QBs.

John Fox and John Elway already know they don’t have the right quarterback on the roster right now. Look for Matt Barkley to be in a Broncos jersey next season.


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  1. You make a good point. I am doubtful that the Broncos will be able to win long-term with the type of offense they are running right now. You can look back at the Miami Dolphins and what they did back in what I believe was 2006-2009. They were very successful running the option the first year and basically went into a downward spiral after that. But I do think Tebow can ‘develop’ into a better quarterback. He has definitely improved just over the course of the last 4 games. Half of his incompletions should’ve been caught by his receivers today, so his 2-8 stat that everyone is ranting about really doesn’t concern me that much if you go back and look at the tape. The truth is, Tebow sells tickets, excites fans, and for now, is winning. He’s a unique player and I think it’s impossible to say what he will ‘develop’ into.

    • The truth is, Tebow sells tickets, excites fans, and for now, is winning.

      That’s a great point, Ben – Putting butts in the seats is mostly what the NFL is about. Denver fans have been frustrated ever since Elway left in ’98. Thus far, fans in Denver have been Tebow’s most fervent supporters. I wonder when they will turn on him as well…

  2. I disagree with you. I think that Tim Tebow is a winner. This guy may lack some mechanics but with development can be an even greater winner. Be sure to check out my blog at http://sambrief.com. I will be sure to subscribe

  3. I have one idea to throw out there – defense. In their current 4-game winning streak, they only allowed 12 points a game in the most recent 3. If Denver wasn’t producing this type of stifling defense, where would Tebow be right now? Simply a quarterback that’s trying really hard but isn’t good enough. I know this could be perceived as Tebow-hate but I see it as realism since he still has not produced any evidence where he can carry his team to victory for 60 minutes – instead of 6 minutes. I can perceive Tebow being in a similat boat as Mark Sanchez when 2014 or so rolls around. We’ll have to see if he’s legitimate or not as time goes by.

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