Urban Meyer will change Big 10 mentality

For as long as anyone can remember, the Big 10 Conference has been known as “Linebacker U” for the plethora of top-talent linebackers it has produced. I’m not even mentioning the massive offensive lines  that reside within the conference (See Wisconsin Badgers).

Enter Urban Meyer as the new head coach at The Ohio State University.

Write it down now: Meyer will change the coaching philosophy in the Big 10 Conference from size to speed.

Hear me out. Meyer is a monster in recruiting and will be able to pull talent from anywhere he wants. Two shiny nation championship rings can do that for you. To compete at first, he must build the Ohio State defense for the typical Big 10 offense a.k.a. pounding the ball. That means he’ll need huge d-lineman but I think the next two “layers” is where he will start to differ. Meyer will look for hybrid linebackers that are decent-sized but have speed. His secondary will be built for pure coverage and speed. As far as offense, look for the same system he built at Florida, as soon as he gets the talent.

There’s a reason for all of this: Someone from the SEC has won the national championship the last 5 years. If it’s LSU-Alabama in the ‘ship this year, make it six. There were three SEC teams in the top three BCS spots last week. To win the big-time games, teams have to start competing with the best conference in the land. The Big 10, or any other conference you pick out of a hat, hasn’t been able to do that thus far.

It’s time for a change. Meyer is capable of forcing everyone in the Big 10 to change their gameplan from the typical ground and pound to keep up. Don’t think he won’t.

Will it be the same Big 10 as usual or will the offenses start shifting to speed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments: 


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  1. I feel as though it would take a while for Meyer to elevate his new program to the level of national championship contention, however, I agree his recruiting skills are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m from Texas and he still pulls a lot of our top players even with schools such as UT and OU that already bring in a lot of Texans. It’ll be interesting to see how Meyer handles this fragile program. Fortunately for him, even with his high expectations, it will be hard for him to go anywhere but up unless he just can’t seem to make things work (I doubt that will be the case).

    • Thanks for leaving a comment! It will definitely not be an overnight process but you’ll have to figure that even next year, they’ll still be in pretty decent shape now that recruits know he’s going there.

  2. I agree completely with you. Not only have we historically had success obtaining recruits from Florida but now with Meyer we will have it locked down with everyone wanting to play for “their coach” because of their love for him down there. Not only will he be drawing in more people from there but everyone in the nation is going to want to play for this all-star line-up of coaches coming in. LSU’s offensive coordinator is possibly going to be swung to coach at Ohio State to revive the Offense and make it more powerhouse smashmouth football the Big Ten is famous for. Mike Vrabel and Chris Spealman over Linebacker’s and Defense will definitely revive our defense and make it the amazing inpenetrable wall it used to be in past years. Luke Fickel will probably head up Defensive Coordinator or be in charge of the DBacks. And with such a promising young quarterback that Braxton Miller has come out to be I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Ohio State were in a major bowl or if not National Championship game in the very near future!

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