The Occupy BCS Movement

All the BCS games got it right, except one VERY notable exception.

I called the LSU-Alabama championship game the day after they played, so I’m fine with that. WVU playing Clemson? Nope, other than the Big East Conference joke of an automatic qualifying bid, I’m fine with that one too.

No. 13 Michigan (10-2) vs No. 11 Virginia Tech (11-2)? Wow, that’s an awful game.

Michigan lost to Michigan State and Iowa and were the third-place team in the Big 10. Virginia Tech got drubbed by Clemson twice this season, including the ACC Championship, and played in the second weakest AQ conference (behind Big East). Their only win against a ranked team was against Georgia Tech, a team that was No. 21 at the time. GT isn’t even close to being in the top 25 now.

So, let’s talk about the teams that should’ve actually been in the Sugar Bowl game : No. 7 Boise State  vs No. 8 Kansas State.

The Broncos beat down on SEC East champs No. 16 Georgia and their only loss was to No. 18 TCU by 1 point. Their reward? Stuck in the Las Vegas Bowl playing the hapless Arizona State Sun Devils.

Kansas State played four ranked teams this season and split those games, defeating Baylor and Texas and losing to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Want to know why that game didn’t happen? Greed. The Sugar Bowl committee thought that Michigan and Virginia Tech would draw better than the alternatives. It’s sad when it comes down to putting butts in the seats rather than the integrity of the system. I’m sure the Sugar Bowl was praying that Alabama would drop down to No. 3 for the best possible draw.

It’s been said by nearly every fan of college football but maybe if it’s heard for a billion and one times it will finally sink in: PLAYOFF SYSTEM


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  1. You couldn’t have said it any better, i actually think Michigan State should have maybe got a shot over Michigan in that game. A Kansas State vs Boise would be an awesome showdown but with this system we wont get the chance to see great games like that one…

  2. I appreciate your comments. The BCS is a corrupt system that merely pairs teams in exhibitions based on subjective polling. The BCS pairings are no different than the various awards that are given at the end of the year to football players. A true playoff is needed. In every other NCAA sport and football division, a conference championship gets you into a playoff, and in the case of most sports, there are also many at-large teams entered; so the championship is earned on the field. Until this is done in major college football, all BCS games will be nothing more than popularity contests between teams ordained by ESPN, namely SEC teams, and not on the field of play. If there were an eight team playoff, and Alabama or LSU were one of the eight teams and won, so be it. But, look what happened in the NFL playoffs yesterday, the nine point underdog Broncos beat the Steelers…upsets are what make the game interesting. But, without a playoff, the Boise State’s of the world cannot even try to play the underdog role. And, what makes a great defensive team any more equipped to win a championship than a great offensive team…we will never know because conference champions are not competing for a true national championship. So, enjoy tonight’s exhibition because that is all it is. See more of my comments on the BCS on my blog, thomaspainelives .

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