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Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

For the past two weeks we’ve had to endure analysis about everything from Rob Gronkowski’s ankle to Tom Brady’s haircuts. Enough of the crap – Here’s the straight facts on what will actually affect the Super Bowl tomorrow:

What the Patriots need to do to win:
– Run the ball more to set up the play-action pass. If BenJarvus Green-Ellis doesn’t show up (or they don’t use him), the Patriots will have the Giants front four in the backfield all day long. Passes in the flat the “The Law Firm” could be effective in slowing down the pass rush as well.

– Make Giants offense one-dimensional. Patriots DT Vince Wilfork needs to clog up the line like he has in the other playoff games. If the Patriots D-Line can stop Bradshaw and Jacobs from running wild, it will significantly help their chances.

– Get Gronkowski involved. Guaranteed that Gronk will be hurting for this game but the Patriots need to make the Giants fear him. He’s a match-up nightmare and he’s been a weapon for Brady all year. Somehow, he needs to make an impact.

What the Giants need to do to win:
– Get to Brady without a blitz. If they are to win, the Giants will have to pressure Brady without blitzes. If they can get him out of the pocket, Brady will get uncomfortable and make mistakes. Interceptions were how the Giants won in their last meeting – they’ll need them again.

– No free releases off the line for receivers. While the Patriots receivers are still within five yards from the line of scrimmage, the Giants secondary needs to rough them up – especially Wes Welker. If not, Brady will nickel and dime his way down the field, even if the Giants get to him quickly.

– Throw deep to your weapons. The Patriots were one of the worst teams during the regular season on pass defense. They’ve been much better in the playoffs but Tim Tebow and Joe Flacco aren’t exactly as passing proficient as Manning. The Patriots will have problems containing Cruz, Manningham and Nicks – Use them.

Final thoughts:
Just like the last few years, this Super Bowl should be fantastic and go down to the wire. If it doesn’t, at least the ads will be good.

Winner: Giants, 31-27

Agree or disagree? Let me know your winner and thoughts in the comments.