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The Occupy BCS Movement

All the BCS games got it right, except one VERY notable exception.

I called the LSU-Alabama championship game the day after they played, so I’m fine with that. WVU playing Clemson? Nope, other than the Big East Conference joke of an automatic qualifying bid, I’m fine with that one too.

No. 13 Michigan (10-2) vs No. 11 Virginia Tech (11-2)? Wow, that’s an awful game.

Michigan lost to Michigan State and Iowa and were the third-place team in the Big 10. Virginia Tech got drubbed by Clemson twice this season, including the ACC Championship, and played in the second weakest AQ conference (behind Big East). Their only win against a ranked team was against Georgia Tech, a team that was No. 21 at the time. GT isn’t even close to being in the top 25 now.

So, let’s talk about the teams that should’ve actually been in the Sugar Bowl game : No. 7 Boise State  vs No. 8 Kansas State.

The Broncos beat down on SEC East champs No. 16 Georgia and their only loss was to No. 18 TCU by 1 point. Their reward? Stuck in the Las Vegas Bowl playing the hapless Arizona State Sun Devils.

Kansas State played four ranked teams this season and split those games, defeating Baylor and Texas and losing to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Want to know why that game didn’t happen? Greed. The Sugar Bowl committee thought that Michigan and Virginia Tech would draw better than the alternatives. It’s sad when it comes down to putting butts in the seats rather than the integrity of the system. I’m sure the Sugar Bowl was praying that Alabama would drop down to No. 3 for the best possible draw.

It’s been said by nearly every fan of college football but maybe if it’s heard for a billion and one times it will finally sink in: PLAYOFF SYSTEM


Urban Meyer will change Big 10 mentality

For as long as anyone can remember, the Big 10 Conference has been known as “Linebacker U” for the plethora of top-talent linebackers it has produced. I’m not even mentioning the massive offensive lines  that reside within the conference (See Wisconsin Badgers).

Enter Urban Meyer as the new head coach at The Ohio State University.

Write it down now: Meyer will change the coaching philosophy in the Big 10 Conference from size to speed.

Hear me out. Meyer is a monster in recruiting and will be able to pull talent from anywhere he wants. Two shiny nation championship rings can do that for you. To compete at first, he must build the Ohio State defense for the typical Big 10 offense a.k.a. pounding the ball. That means he’ll need huge d-lineman but I think the next two “layers” is where he will start to differ. Meyer will look for hybrid linebackers that are decent-sized but have speed. His secondary will be built for pure coverage and speed. As far as offense, look for the same system he built at Florida, as soon as he gets the talent.

There’s a reason for all of this: Someone from the SEC has won the national championship the last 5 years. If it’s LSU-Alabama in the ‘ship this year, make it six. There were three SEC teams in the top three BCS spots last week. To win the big-time games, teams have to start competing with the best conference in the land. The Big 10, or any other conference you pick out of a hat, hasn’t been able to do that thus far.

It’s time for a change. Meyer is capable of forcing everyone in the Big 10 to change their gameplan from the typical ground and pound to keep up. Don’t think he won’t.

Will it be the same Big 10 as usual or will the offenses start shifting to speed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments: 

Joe Paterno’s legacy is forever tainted

Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno was fired immediately by Penn State - and deservedly so.

Joe Paterno was head coach of Penn State for 46 years, had 409 victories – the most by a D-I head coach, two national championships, six to eight children allegedly molested by former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky since 2002.  That’s the year that Joe Paterno knew about the alleged crime by Sandusky and only reported it to the athletic director.

That last stat really makes it so the first few, and all the other great JoePa accomplishments, not seem to matter anymore.

For his apathy, Paterno was unanimously fired by Penn State’s Board of Trustees – and rightfully so. We’ve yet to hear his side of the story but we know that he was aware of an unfathomable criminal offense and never made sure it got to the proper authorities.

Paterno is a legendary coach and a great philanthropist. It’s a shame that he couldn’t go out on his own terms. However, as he wanted to, there was no way he should’ve been allowed to coach until the end of the season, or even one more game as the Penn State students chanted for.

Let the Penn State students riot all they want, Paterno’s reign is over. There’s no doubt, the next Penn State head coach will have a hard time bringing the tainted program back to its former glory.

Do you think Paterno should’ve been allowed to coach one more game or until the end of the season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

LSU and Alabama need to face off again

Last night, LSU rolled into Tuscaloosa and beat the Crimson Tide in OT, 9-6, in front of 100,000+ hostile fans. In addition to their other big-time wins this year, that easily makes them the best team in the country. However, Alabama is STILL the second-best.

Disagree all you want by saying that Alabama would’ve won if not for early miscues (and one OT one) by kicker Cade Foster and Marquis Maze missing a catchable punt that pitted the Tide deep in their own territory. Fact is, LSU made the game great by being gritty and not making as many mistakes – on the road no less. Personally, I would love to see that match-up again on a neutral site.

The last time a #1 and #2 faced off in the regular season was Ohio State and Michigan, respectively, in 2006 when Ohio State won in a barnburner, 42-39. People back then were clamoring for that to be the rematch in the National Championship game. Instead, Ohio State got smoked 41-14 by the Florida Gators. You may remember that team being led by senior Chris Leak and freshman Tim Tebow- ah the good ‘ole days. Since then, the Southeastern Conference has had a stronghold on the game, winning five years in a row (including the ’06 game).

Since the SEC is clearly the best conference in college football with the best two teams in the country, let the the Tigers and Tide face off again in the BCS National Championship.

“I’d be honored to face that team again,” LSU head coach Les Miles said.

For the best match-up possible for the end of the season, let’s hope the Mad Hatter gets his wish.

The Univ. of Rochester hates kids with cancer…

…or at least that’s what they’re making it look like. Before I go into my rant, I’m going to give a little background:

For the past seven seasons, the University of Rochester Yellowjackets and St. John Fisher College Cardinals, both from Rochester, N.Y., have played in an annual regular season football game called the Courage Bowl. All the profits from the game go to Camp Good Days and Special Times, a camp to support children diagnosed with cancer. As part of that, the kids got to meet all the players, get autographed jerseys and be on the sidelines during the game. The game this season raised $30,000.

According to an article by Jim Mandelaro of the Democrat and Chronicle, the University of Rochester is only going to play this game for one more year.

Personally, I don’t know if UR is contemplating dropping this game because they get trounced every year or because they are switching conferences (and therefore will have less non-conference games).

According to UR athletic director George VanderZwaag in Mandelaro’s article, it’s about switching to the Liberty League.

“We feel it is important to make some changes in our schedule and focus our energies on competing effectively within our own conference.”

To be perfectly honest, I don’t care what the reason is. They need to play this game A) because it helps the kids and B) its a great Rochester-area rivalry.

In an earlier article by Mandelaro,  Camp Good Days founder Gary Mervis, a volunteer assistant coach for Fisher said he was “offended” by UR’s departure and that another opponent would be found.

Hopefully the next opponent realizes that this game is about much more than football.

Full disclosure: I’m an alumnus of Fisher and covered this game for my college newspaper when I was there. However, if Fisher tried pulling this, I would be ashamed and rip them even worse.

Update (11/2/11 – 11 AM MT): In response to tweets that I sent out this morning about UR, Camp Good Days replied (in 3 tweets):

The UofR has done great things for Courage Bowl in every year of its existence. Numerous kids have been touched by the players, coaches, fans and administration of the UofR. Not only that, but the University has given so much to cancer research since their creation. It is a leading University that truly contributes to society.