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Fans, businesses the big losers in the NBA lockout

On Day 137 of the NBA lockout, the NBA Players Association decided to decline the offer made by the owners and decertify as a union. This was so they could sue the NBA to force the end of the lockout.

Why does this sound so familiar?

The NFLPA tried the same exact thing in decertifying and it was ultimately unsuccessful. They even advised the NBA players that is was a bad idea before their lockout. So here we sit with the possibility of losing the entire NBA season.

To be honest, I really don’t care who wins the battle of billionaire owners and millionaire players. There’s only a couple groups that I care about in this battle that are so often forgotten: the fans and downtown businesses.

Orlando was set to host the All-Star Game this year with the city raking in millions of dollars. With Florida being one of the epicenters of the housing market crash, I have no doubt they could use that cash. Let’s not even forget the bars and restaurants that surround the arenas around the country. Who is going to go to a downtown restaurant near the arena in the dead of winter, unless there’s a game? Not as many, that’s for sure.

Fact is, neither the owners or players have an ounce of perspective. Instead of arguing over a few measly percentage points of revenue sharing, they should remember where 100% of that money originates from. There’s a percentage for you.

With that being said, I’m proposing something when the NBA comes back to play: a fan lockout. Avoid paying inflated ticket prices and go visit the restaurants and bars around the arena. That would give the billionaires and millionaires a dose of reality and give the business owners some help they’ve been waiting for all fall/winter.