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My Pro Bowl solution

I’m not sure if you watched the Pro Bowl yesterday. I know I didn’t.

Just like the rest of the country, I saw it, not watched because what was on the screen could be more aptly described as pirouetting than football. I mean seriously, we go from two of the best Conference Championship games to that? They’re not allowed to blitz, they barely hit and intentional grounding is allowed among other things. As they say on Monday Night Football Countdown: C’mon Man!

So, instead of just complaining, I actually have a few different solutions to amend the Pro Bowl problem:

Cheerleader Powderpuff Bowl:
This wouldn’t have the same ratings as the Super Bowl, they would be better. Put the cheerleaders of the AFC teams against the cheerleaders from the NFC teams in their cheerleading uniforms for a full contact game. Or, instead of a stupid TV show to decide the next Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, let them audition by seeing how well they play football. Jerry Jones might even find someone more suitable to play quarterback than Tony Romo that way.

Superfan Bowl:
Who has the most pride in their team? Only one way to find out. Who wouldn’t want to see Fireman Ed from the Jets wreck those dudes from the Raiders? Pretty sure this would involve the most physical contact, except for the…

Legends Bowl:
Just imagine, Joe Namath playing for one team and getting interviewed by Suzy Kolber on the sidelines after a great play. Instead of asking for a kiss he might ask for some warm milk. The other team would have Joe Kapp as their QB and captain. Both Namath and Kapp would be able to draft their Legend teams. Think Kapp would draft Angelo Mosca? Not likely. However – THAT would be some serious entertainment and I’m pretty sure there would be more harding hitting than yesterday.

Like these suggestions or have others? Let me know in the comments: