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2012 NFL Playoff Predictions

Here are my predictions for the upcoming NFL playoffs. Surprisingly, the Broncos don’t make the Super Bowl. What a shocking revelation!

NFC Wildcard Round

5 Falcons vs 4 Giants
I like Matty-Ice and the Falcons but fact is they don’t perform well outdoors in the playoffs. Couple that with the fact that the Giants will be able to get a solid pass rush without a blitz and the Falcons will have a hard time winning this game.

Winner: Giants

6 Lions vs 3 Saints
Safe to say this will not be a defensive struggle, so it comes down to quarterback play and the weapons that each one of them possess. Advantage: Drew Brees

Winner: Saints

AFC Wildcard Round

5 Steelers vs. 4 Broncos
As I mentioned earlier in the season, NFL defenses have figured out Tim Tebow’s gimmicky style. It won’t help that he’s going against the top defense of them all. Despite a hobbled Roethlisberger and no Mendenhall at tailback, the Steelers cruise in this one.

Winner: Steelers

6 Bengals vs 3 Texans
Despite the Texans sucking of late, the Bengals haven’t been able to win against a real playoff-caliber team all year. That doesn’t even include the fact that Andy Dalton is sick with the flu.

Winner: Texans

NFC Divisional Round

4 Giants vs 1 Packers
The Giants won’t have the home/cold advantage anymore when they go to Green Bay. Their team won’t have the advantage either, because they’re just not as good as the Packers.

Winner: Packers

3 Saints vs 2 49ers
The 49ers defense is good and will hold the Saint offense to less than people expect. However, Alex Smith and the Niners offense still won’t keep up.

Winner: Saints

AFC Divisional Round

5 Steelers vs 1 Patriots
Unless the Steelers running game all of a sudden gets effective without Mendenhall, they will not be able to keep the Pats off the field. Despite his ankle likely still hurting, Big Ben will have a big day against the Pats secondary, but not good enough.

Winner: Patriots

3 Texans vs 2 Ravens
The Ravens big signature wins have come against the Steelers this year, They’ve also had some awful losses to the Titans, Jaguars and Seahawks (all on the road). With their aging defense having a week of rest and much of the Texans team injured, the Ravens roll.

Winner: Ravens

Note: If the Bengals pull out a win against the Texans, the Steelers will face the Ravens again. If that happens, the Steelers won’t lose to the Ravens three times in one year.

NFC Conference Championship

3 Saints vs 1 Packers
The Packers defense was exposed a few times this year and the Saints played them close, at Lambeau Field, in the first week of the year. Almost everyone on Earth thinks the Packers are going to the Super Bowl and winning it. Not I.

Winner: Saints

AFC Conference Championship

2 Ravens vs 1 Patriots
The Ravens have been pretty inconsistent on the road against awful teams. What will happen against a high-powered offense with an aging Ravens defense?

Winner: Patriots

Super Bowl XLVI

Saints vs Patriots
Welcome to the new age of the NFL. This season, and the new trend,  is all about high-powered offense and lack of dominant defenses. Drew Brees and his receiving weapons are too much for the Pats’ secondary to handle. Brady will keep pace for most of the game because the Saints aren’t stout either, but the Saints will pull it out.

World Champion: New Orleans Saints

Agree, disagree with these picks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments: