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The REAL reason Tim Tebow keeps winning

I’ve finally figured it out.

Want to know the real reason Tim Tebow wins? It’s not skill, luck, tiger blood or even divine intervention. The people Timmy thanks for his improbable winning this year when he’s “Tebowing” is the proud employees of Buffalo Wild Wings. Witness below:

Just think about the latest win against the Chicago Bears. How else could you explain Marion Barber “tripping” out of bounds or the ball slipping out of his hands when the Bears were in easy field goal range for Robbie Gould?

This week the Broncos will face NFL royalty when they play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. In order to win, Tebow will have to exploit the Patriots deplorable pass defense. However, if the Redskins could keep with the Patriots, so could Tebow and the Broncos.

If it’s close in the 4th quarter, watch out for those sprinklers or some other Buffalo Wild Wing phenomenon to work in the Broncos’ favor.

It could happen, just sayin’.


Tim Tebow is not a long-term solution for the Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow is not the long-term solution.

Yes – Tim Tebow is 3-1 as a starter this year.

Yes – the Denver Broncos are just one game out of first in the anemic AFC West and Tebow played well against the division-leading Oakland Raiders.

Yes – Tebow made a beautiful pass to Eric Decker for a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Guess what? That TD pass was only one of two passes that he completed on eight attempts in that game.

The Broncos rushed the ball 55 times  in order to beat the Chiefs – a very inconsistent team. The Broncos have done a great job adapting to Tebow’s strengths, including integrating the triple option. However, there’s a reason the triple option isn’t used by anyone else – it doesn’t work because NFL defenses have too much lateral speed. It’s kind of like the Wildcat formation – a “cute” gimmick that may be a popular fad for a bit but will eventually go away. Hell, Michael Vick has more speed than Tebow and HE doesn’t even do that.

When the Broncos face the Jets next week, it’s going to be ugly. I can already see Rex Ryan and the rest of the Jets defense licking their chops to put nine guys in the box and making Tebow throw all game long, especially to the solid secondary. A few weeks later against the Chicago Bears will be the same thing.

There’s no doubt that Tebow is a winner, he simply doesn’t have the skills to sustain long-term success. All this ” he needs time to develop” stuff is crap. Guys like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton have come into the NFL and shown that they could do well right away. They both have the possibility of being franchise QBs.

John Fox and John Elway already know they don’t have the right quarterback on the roster right now. Look for Matt Barkley to be in a Broncos jersey next season.

LSU and Alabama need to face off again

Last night, LSU rolled into Tuscaloosa and beat the Crimson Tide in OT, 9-6, in front of 100,000+ hostile fans. In addition to their other big-time wins this year, that easily makes them the best team in the country. However, Alabama is STILL the second-best.

Disagree all you want by saying that Alabama would’ve won if not for early miscues (and one OT one) by kicker Cade Foster and Marquis Maze missing a catchable punt that pitted the Tide deep in their own territory. Fact is, LSU made the game great by being gritty and not making as many mistakes – on the road no less. Personally, I would love to see that match-up again on a neutral site.

The last time a #1 and #2 faced off in the regular season was Ohio State and Michigan, respectively, in 2006 when Ohio State won in a barnburner, 42-39. People back then were clamoring for that to be the rematch in the National Championship game. Instead, Ohio State got smoked 41-14 by the Florida Gators. You may remember that team being led by senior Chris Leak and freshman Tim Tebow- ah the good ‘ole days. Since then, the Southeastern Conference has had a stronghold on the game, winning five years in a row (including the ’06 game).

Since the SEC is clearly the best conference in college football with the best two teams in the country, let the the Tigers and Tide face off again in the BCS National Championship.

“I’d be honored to face that team again,” LSU head coach Les Miles said.

For the best match-up possible for the end of the season, let’s hope the Mad Hatter gets his wish.